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Batman Arkham City

Woah, things went a little crazy before christmas, no decent games worth buying for months then everything gets released at once it seems even gaming is becoming a season...

Written by Kurt Goodliff

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel

After a number of attempts at buying Two Worlds 2 and Dungeon Siege 3 being such a disappointment I started digging through a pile of games that I haven't managed to...

Written by Kurt Goodliff

Hunted the Demons Forge

Another action RPG hits our consoles - but is it really worth our time and money... or better save and wait for Dark Souls?

Written by Luca De Angeli

Dungeon Siege III

For those of you that have been waiting six years since the last release of Dungeon Siege you may be fairly disappointed with Square Enix's take on things.

Written by Kurt Goodliff

PSN welcome back announced

Sony released a list of gifts to say thanks for the patience. Then removed it. Then posted it again.

Written by Luca De Angeli

Black Ops PS3 servers down

PS3 users starving after 25 days of no multiplayer action put the service to the test.

Written by Luca De Angeli